So almost three years ago I adopted my first fur baby, well the first fur baby that was actually my own in my adult life. My life as a dogmom actually started on my seventh birthday. As excited as I am to have real babies some day, having my fur babies is my favorite.

On my seventh birthday my mom, grandmother, and aunt took me to see the Broadway traveling show Annie. After the show we went back to my house to have cake and my mom and aunt jumped out of the car and ran into the house, leaving my grandmother with the chore of getting me out of the car and into the house on a cold, snowy, icy December evening. We walked inside and my family started singing Happy Birthday and it seemed like they were all waiting for something but I didn’t know what. Then the smallest chocolate lab puppy with a big red bow tied around her neck came bouncing out of the kitchen toward me. I was SOOO excited! A puppy was all I had been asking for for months! I was driving my family crazy with my puppy fever! I named her Cocoa and she gave me the best fourteen years as a dog mom. She grew up with me, she was around for all of the big milestones… homecomings, proms, graduation, and college. Sadly when I was a junior in college she died at home on her blanket with my mom and step dad. She was the best dog, she was always exactly what I needed her to be… a best friend and great listener.

After losing Cocoa I was sad for a long time. I loved dogs still, but it was just really difficult to think about another dog. I waited a long time before I got another dog. After college and grad school, I got my teaching license and moved to Virginia to get a job (teaching jobs in Pennsylvania are few and far between!). I packed up and moved by myself and not knowing anyone there, I was a stranger in a brand new place who spent most of her time alone in her apartment or at work. After about a month in Virginia I thought maybe I should think about getting a dog. I had been wanting a dog for a couple months but knew it wasn’t the right time.

I had started looking for dogs online that needed adopted, and had been let down many times due to the breed restriction list at my apartment complex. I finally found a dog that had just gone up for adoption at the local shelter named Midnight. There was no picture on the website for him, so I decided I would go to the shelter just to see how he was. I walked into the shelter and when I saw him in the cage, I immediately fell in love with him. A handsome all black lab with some pitt bull in him, with the most beautiful brown eyes. Since they couldn’t guarantee to keep him for a couple days so I could prepare for him he ended up coming home with me that night.

What an adventure. I knew he was the right baby for me almost immediately. In the car on the way home he sat in the passenger seat and put his head on my arm while I was driving. When we got home and I was on the floor playing with him all he wanted to do was lay with me and put his head on me. He just wanted to be as close to me as possible. That night he slept right beside my bed all night and didn’t move. After work the next day (and a bath after getting a bath), he was jumping up on the couch to snuggle in with me and he jumped right onto the bed when it was time to go to sleep. He settled in fast and he became immediately protective over me. It has been almost three years and he is still extremely protective of me and loves to snuggle in with his mom.

A couple months ago (on Thanksgiving), my fiance and I decided that it was time for another fur baby. Midnight needed a friend to run and play with, we had moved into a house with a nice yard for them to run in, and we were ready for another fur baby. So a friend of mine that works at Animal Friends Animal Shelter send out a snapchat of her with a new puppy that had just been transferred from West Virginia. Nick and I were interested immediately! We asked her about him and filled out an adoption application while watching the Macy’s Parade. The next day we drove to Animal Friends to meet him.

Black Friday is a special day at Animal Friends because they offer discounted adoption fees. We got there before they even opened and there was a huge line! I was not feeling confident. I walked in and said that I was there to see him, but I was second in line! Boo. We headed home discouraged, but halfway home I got a phone call from the shelter that the woman in line in front of me changed her mind and that he was still up for adoption. We turned around and within the hour we had adopted him. His name was Roosevelt, in our opinion just too long of a name for a puppy that didn’t know it, so we changed his name to Bear. He was three months old and only weighed 11 pounds. This was the smallest puppy I had ever had! I didn’t even know what to do with him he was so small!

Here we are three months later and we now have two fur babies running around our house, one topping out at 70 pounds and the other still growing at 33 pounds now. Being a dog mom is one of my favorite things in the world and I wouldn’t trade one crazy day of it for anything!

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Hi! I am a teacher, dogmom, future wife, and blogger. I spend most of my days teaching writing to seventh and eighth graders and then coming home to hang out with my lovable pups! You will get a little bit of everything on this page, but mostly just my diy/cricut projects, my teaching stories, and my life hacks for everything from a-z.

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