“Try to have some actual fun this weekend Ms. D”

I have spent a lot of time lately talking with my students about life and how things change as you grow up. We talked about the fact that things you do for fun are different when you are older, and that you can’t always be focused on just having fun. My students were appalled to hear that I spend a good bit of time after school doing chores like laundry, cleaning the house, and doing home projects. Their response was “that doesn’t sound like fun,” and they are right, it isn’t fun dusting or vacuuming the house. However, we talked about how as you get older the need to always be having fun gets outweighed by the adult responsibilities that they would have.

A few days after this conversation, I was signing off of my class before the weekend and one student specifically said, “Wait Ms. D, don’t leave yet. Try to have some actual fun this weekend.” This stopped me dead in my tracks; did my kids think that I never had fun? Or that I never enjoyed things? So I started really thinking about what kind of things I considered fun and how often I was actually doing those things. The list I came up with is below…

I like playing with the dogs and watching them chase each other around the back yard. Spending time with my family for craft or game nights are at the top of my list as well. Going to dinner with my grandfather for some one on one time makes me happy too. My friends bring me so much joy, near and far. Getting snap chats and texts from them is almost as good as hanging out with them in person… almost. As much as I hate saying this, working out is kind of fun. Not in the “I love to workout all the time” kind of way, but in the way that I can get up and get moving and then feel good after. I enjoy spending time alone to read or watch my TV shows.

After coming up with a pretty good list I realized that I could keep going if I wanted to. So, today during class I decided to take a minute and share it with some of my students. They were shocked at most of my items because they weren’t what they as twelve and thirteen year olds would consider fun, but I think they started to understand what I was talking about. Balance is the key to being an adult, sometimes you have to deal with the adult responsibilities to be able to have some extra time for fun.


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