Letters of Gratitude to End the Year

The final assignment that I have my students do every year is a letter of gratitude. I ask them to write a letter to any staff member at our school; this can be a teacher they have currently, a past teacher, a cafeteria staff member, someone from the SPED team, the front office workers, the janitor, or any of the school administrators. 

I ask that they take some time to reflect on someone that really made a difference in their lives. This letter can be thanking that person for helping them, for holding them accountable, teaching them valuable life lessons, supporting them, or just being there for them when needed. 

We spend a couple of days writing our letters and then make a nice final copy with some color and pictures. Then on the last day of school I deliver the letters to the staff members around the school. This is a great way for the kids to do some self reflection before school is over, and it gives the staff a nice boost to end the year. 

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