Last Minute Wedding

For those of you who don’t know, I had the best Saturday ever! Nick and I decided to postpone our large wedding to next year and we finally got married! Best Day Ever! The truly crazy part was that we actually pulled it all together in about 6 days… yes you read that right.

We tried to keep everything pretty simple; we got married at Nick’s childhood church and had a nice dinner after at Nick’s parent’s house. We only had about 30 people, our immediate families, godmothers and their families, and the members of our bridal party that could make it. Simple, beautiful, old fashioned, and absolutely perfect.

When we decided to really do this, plan a wedding in six days, everything went very quickly and decisions were made fast. Last Sunday morning we met with the Pastor at Nick’s church and when he said he had Saturday at 3 available we jumped on it and I immediately went into planning mode. About an hour later I went out to find a dress. About an hour after that I was checking out at JC Penny’s with a $14 white dress and $5 blue jewelry.

From there we planned the menu. This was really easy because everyone chipped in to bring something. We did a big pasta dinner with meatballs and sausages, a delicious strawberry salad, and some rolls. We ended up getting two Oakmont Bakery Cakes, an Oakmonter (Nick’s favorite) and an Almond Tort (my favorite). We kept drinks simple too with water and pop, some red and white wine, bourbon, and some vodka punch.

For flowers, I put everything together on my own. I got really lucky because last week my school received a free donation from JoAnn fabrics, I picked up three large bins full of fake flowers that really came in handy. I went through and picked out a bunch of yellow and white flowers for my bouquet, and ended up with some prearranged groupings of fall flowers that looked perfect in our glass vases for centerpieces.

We also got really lucky because family friends took all of our pictures for us. We had two people taking pictures for us and we ended up with the photos the next day, no waiting period, and they all turned out beautifully!

We can’t wait to have our big, fancy New Year’s Eve wedding, but this was an absolutely perfect day full of love, laughs, and a Shrek cake!

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