How to Start an Herb Garden during Coronavirus

April and May are the perfect months to start an herb garden that you can use all summer (and year) long. Normally, this is a very easy task. Run to the store, buy supplies, plant the herbs, and place outside. With the social distancing orders in effect, that isn’t really possible, especially with most home and garden businesses closed until further notice. So, I had to get creative about how I can start my herb garden this year. 

After much research, meaning I scoured the internet for a good two or three hours, I was able to find everything online! Every item that I needed for my herb garden could be ordered online and shipped to my house. Then I just needed to assemble everything. 

To start an herb garden, the first thing you need to decide is what types of herbs you want to plant. I went with the herbs that I use most frequently when cooking (or making drinks). I decided on basil, oregano, mint, lavender, and peppermint. I like to have the lavender and peppermint on hand for when I get headaches. The scents are really soothing and generally help with the headache. I looked on a couple different websites for the best price (walmart ended up being the best). They have a ton of plants and herbs to choose from.  Since I start the herbs inside and then move them outside in June, I also needed to get some potting soil and pots to plant the herbs in. Between Amazon and Walmart I was able to cover all my bases. 

After I ordered everything, all I had to do was wait. When the herbs came, I was incredibly surprised at how well they traveled. When I ordered through Walmart, their supplier is who completed my order (Bonnie Plants). Their shipping was incredible! All my herbs came in their own little plastic packaging to keep them upright and protected in the box together. All eight of my plants came in one large box with each plastic package and bubble wrap. 

Once everything came in, it was pretty simple. Plant the herbs in the pots, give them a little water, and place them somewhere sunny in the house! Now I have plenty of herbs to keep me happy all year long! 

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