“Dream Vacation” End of the Year Project

Since the end of the school year is upon us and we have finished state testing, the students are starting to get a little restless. To keep them from jumping out the windows or bouncing off the walls I created two different End of the Year Projects. My eighth graders are working on the “Dream Vacation Project.”

Basically they are making a slideshow presentation of somewhere they would like to visit if cost wasn’t an issue. I specifically spelled out what needed to go on each slide. They got the following directions from me:

  • Slide 1: Title, name of place, and pictures of the place you would love to vacation at
  • Slide 2: Why would you like to go there? 
    • Include pictures and at least 3 complete sentences
  • Slide 3: Answer the questions
    • What are the people like?
    • What types of food do they eat?
    • What type of music do they listen to? (find a link on Youtube and add it)
  • Slide 4: Geography
    • Where is the place located? (Country? Continent?)
    • What is the climate like?
    • What is the geography like? (Beaches? Mountains? Valleys?)
    • Include pictures
  • Slide 5: Education
    • Do they go to school?
    • What is school like?
    • What does a school day look like?
    • Include pictures
  • Slide 6: Works Cited
    • Please include a citation from where you got all of your information from
    • Remember, google is not a citation!
    • Everything must be in your own words! No copying!

I can’t wait to see how the projects turn out and the students are excited to have something fun to do the last couple weeks of school. 

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