Does this make me a Pinterest teacher?

Every year before school starts I spend two or three weeks in the summer trying to figure out what my classroom is going to look like. What will I put up on my walls? How will I display student work? What is my classroom library going to look like? Where will I put the desk and tables?

This year I decided on a succulent and cactus theme. So I have them everywhere in my room, my bathroom pass has small cacti on it, my birthday wall has pictures of little potted succulents, my calendar and days of the week for classroom management also have succulents and cacti on them. I tried to pull in the theme elsewhere as well. I have a bunch of my potted plants from home sitting on my classroom windowsill, I have small fake plants scattered around my room, and I have blue and white twinkle lights hanging. I tried to use mostly green and blues in my room to tie in the theme as well. 

My bulletin boards are a point of pride in my classroom. My taco board might just be my favorite. To start the year with the students I ask them what their goals are for the year. They take their goals and write them on little paper tacos and color them in. After they cut them out we hang them on the bulletin board with the phrase “Let’s TACO bout goals!” 

In the back of my classroom there is a bulletin board that spans the width of my room. It’s hard to come up with a board that big, so I section off the board into a couple sections. One of which is my Grammar corner. I have a couple posters that I made with Grammar hints and tricks for the students to use while we are focusing on the parts of speech and spending most of our classes talking about grammar topics. The next section is the get to know me section. I have pictures and captions with information about me for the students to learn a little bit more about me. The last section this year was set up over our classroom library with book quotes. 

Speaking of our classroom library, I have two bookshelves that hold a bunch of young adult books from my personal library that the students can read if there is extra class time. This part of the room is sectioned off by my bookshelves that hold the student journals. There is a carpet with a couple pillows for the students to hang out and read in. 

This year it took me almost two weeks and calling in the help of my step-dad and one of my best friends to help me get my room set up. I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers. After all of the time and effort that go into setting up my room every year, I sure hope this classifies me as a Pinterest Teacher. 

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