DIY Snow Globe

With Covid still being large and in charge, my family has been having weekly craft nights to keep us busy and sane at home. Recently, we made homemade snow globes with Christmas scenes to decorate.

Overall, this project was pretty simple. You will need mason jars, a hot glue gun, some holiday figurines (we used small presents, trees, reindeer, and snow), fake snow, and baby oil. By following a few simple steps, we ended up with beautiful snow globes!

Step 1: Choose what you want to put in your snow globe and how you want it arranged.

Step 2: Glue your scene to the lid of the mason jar.

Step 3: Add fake snow into the mason jar and fill with baby oil.

Step 4: Screw on the lid with your scene and flip.

Step 5: Add more baby oil or fake snow if desired.

Step 6: Shake and enjoy!

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