DIY M&M Whiskey Birthday Cake

My mom is one of my favorite people in the world, so for her birthday I tend to go all out. This year I wanted to make a cake with her favorite things on it… M&Ms and Whiskey.

Her cake was easy enough to make, I got some yellow cake mix and regular white icing. I baked two 8” round cakes and stacked them on top of each other with icing in between to hold them together. Once the cakes were stacked, I covered them both with icing. Since the icing is her favorite part of cake, I made sure to use a lot! 

After going through a container and a half of icing, it was time to start decorating. Two of her absolute favorite things in the world are M&Ms and Crown Royal Whiskey. I knew that I could cover the icing with M&Ms, but I also wanted to find a way to get a bottle of whiskey somewhere on the cake. I ended up using a wooden skewer cut in half to support a small bottle of whiskey in the middle of the cake with M&Ms around it. 

Making this special cake for such a special occasion was a lot of fun, however if your friends or family have different favorites, variations are a super easy solution. I have made cakes like these with different kinds of candy depending on who I am making the cake for.

Happy baking and decorating!

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