Decorating for Halloween in the Classroom

Whereas my house is covered head to toe in Halloween decorations, I try to be a little more under control in my classroom. Most of my decorations in the classroom are leftovers from home that I never found a place for. I have a couple signs that I got on sale from Walmart and the Dollar Store, and an extra skeleton from the house. The kids know that I am crazy for Halloween (wait for next week’s post on my Halloween outfits for the whole month of October), so I don’t need to decorate much, but the kids really enjoy coming in and seeing the room looking a little different. 

I also get a little extra decoration in the classroom because in the month of October the students write Horror Stories. I like to print out some of the A+ work to hang around the room on orange and green paper. This adds a little extra holiday spirit to the room, and the kids love seeing their work on display for everyone!

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