Black History Month/National Entrepreneurship Week Door Decorating Contest

Since Black History Month is this month (and is very important to the students and staff at my school), we combined it with National Entrepreneurship Week (February 15-19th) this year. Due to the fact that we are a school of Entrepreneurship, we spend a lot of time looking at what Entrepreneurship is and how our students can become entrepreneurs. This year, our awesome Entrepreneurship Coach came up with the idea of having a door decorating contest featuring black history and black entrepreneurs. 

Because I am the writing teacher, I chose a famous African American writer to put on my door. Maya Angelou was an easy choice for me because I love her writing and I expose my students to it any chance I get. This project was also super easy for me because I love to get creative in the classroom. I tried to keep it pretty simple with decorating, starting with covering the door with black butcher paper and putting a nice border on. 

Once I covered the door, the ideas started coming quickly. Since I am a love of quotes (again… writing teacher), I decided to write out different Maya Angelou quotes and glue them up all over the door. I also included my favorite poem of hers, “Still I Rise,” and a photo of her. Overall I am pretty happy with the finished product and I love that I can have something meaningful on my door for the students to look at as they pass by.

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