Back to School

There is little I love more than the start of a new school year. The excitement of meeting new students and a fresh start are something I look forward to every year along with setting up my classroom.

I love my classroom. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time in my classroom than I do at home, so I try to make it as comfortable as possible not just for me but also for my students. At the beginning of each year I spend a couple weeks setting up my room to help me and my students keep our sanity for the next ten months. This year I went for a simple and clean farmhouse theme. This is what I started with when I walked into my room for the first time this year.

To meet my theme, I stuck with a lot of black and white, and some fake plants around my room. I also found a great farmhouse theme packet of supplies and decorations on Teachers Pay Teachers (a great website where teachers can sell materials they have made).

I also updated my classroom library setup this year. I brought in a new carpet with some comfortable chairs and pillows. I also decided to keep the library separate from everything else in my room so that it was its own space for my students (and me) to relax and take a break.

Also new this year, I hung a cursive alphabet on the empty wall at the front of my room. I think it is really important for the kids to learn cursive since most of them don’t even know how to sign their name. Since I believe this is a very important life skill, I decided to focus on it this year. The best part is that my kids actually have expressed an interest in learning cursive.

To keep with my farmhouse theme, I also decided to update my bulletin boards for this year. I got some shiplap style bulletin board paper and some wood borders.

The last thing I did in my room was set up the front. This is extremely important to me this year because this is all that my students will see on the first day since all of my 7th and 8th graders are virtual learners indefinitely. I tried to make the space look welcoming with a welcome banner, my bitmoji on the board along with some of my favorite things, and some twinkle lights around my smart board.

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