Back to School… Again.

Life is hard right now. I know that it isn’t just me struggling with all the uncertainty of everything going on right now. It feels like every day we are getting updates that things are changing again. So since I know a lot of people are returning to work in-person, and I am going back to school, I figured I would share theses rules again. I thought I would put them out here for you to use too or share if you’d like.

Rule #1: Do not bring your shoes from work into the house. Change out of your work shoes and into something else in your car and put them into a bin or bag in the trunk. Or keep them in a designated spot in the closet, whatever you do just stop walking around the house with your work shoes on… that is just bringing the germs in!

Rule #2: Keep a small space in your car as a dirty area (maybe your trunk), do the same in your house (like a closet or laundry room). Throw all your germy things in this designated area until you can wash them.

Rule #3: Get some kind of eye protection, glasses are a great idea. Even if you don’t wear perscription, get some blue light glasses. Something to cover your eyes, it keeps covid out and it will keep you from touching them all day.

Rule #4: Take your vitamins!

Rule #5: Don’t touch the front of your mask. When you take it off, grab the ear loops and put it face down into a bad or container. Make sure you wash your hands before and after touching it.

Rule #6: Facial wipes are your new friend. Wiping your face every couple hours will become the best part of your day after wearing your mask and sweating under it.

Rule #7: If you don’t already, put some hand sanitizer and clorox wipes in your car. Wipe everything down when you get in, your keys, phone, ID badge, watch, etc. Keep as much as you can in your trunk and bring as little as possible into your house.

Rule #8: Ask questions! Ask anybody and everybody. You deserve answers and we are in an extremely uncertain time, get some answers!

Rule #9: It’s okay to not be okay some days. Do what you need to do to make sure you are taking care of yourself!

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