5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Over the summer I had to do a major overhaul of our upstairs bathroom. I’m talking total redo of what the bathroom looked like when we moved in. But more of that later. After I had finished redoing the bathroom, I noticed that it looked a little bare, boring, and blah. So I started thinking of what I could add to the tiny bathroom (really, it’s like a 3 X 5 room that has a vanity, toilet, and standing shower in it!)I think that at one point the tiny bathroom was actually a closet that the previous owner turned into a bathroom. What could I do with the tiny space to spruce it up?

The first way to spruce up your bathroom is to add a pop of color. I chose an accent color to use throughout the bathroom since the walls were a plain gray color. I chose a turquoise/blue color. I added the touch of color throughout, getting bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels that are that color. I also was able to use a clock that I bought for my bedroom a few years earlier that matched as well. Another nice touch was that I found a box of tissues that matched the color. 

The second way to spruce up a bathroom is to get rid of useless space. I ordered a small shelving unit for the one foot space between the wall and the standing shower. It was pretty much useless space before I put the shelves up. Now it holds the accent color towels and washcloths for the bathroom, tissues, extra hand towels, jars of cotton balls and qtips, and a sea glass picture frame that has a beach photo in it. 

The third way to spruce up your bathroom is to add personal touches. I used one of the shelves to hold a photo of my fiance and I, I added some of my favorite candles to the back of the toilet, and I put a small fake plant on the sink vanity. 

Way number four is to spruce up your storage. Instead of having a carton of qtips and a bag of cotton balls, I took some old candle jars and cleaned them out to make the storage look nicer. I also keep all of my hair products under the sink to make the bathroom look not so cluttered. 

Spruce number five kind of goes along with spruce four. Clear out the clutter! I used to keep all of my hair and make up stuff out and on the sick… what was I thinking!? It was way too much clutter for such a small space. So I converted one of the shelves to hold the jars with assorted ponytail holders, the cotton balls, the q tips, and my hair clips. My hair spray, dry shampoo, and tools ended up being stored under the sink with some extra tissues and clorox wipes. Small spaces look smaller with more stuff in them, clearing out all the extra stuff made the tiny bathroom look way bigger!

The best part about these spruces is that they are all super easy and super cheap! The only thing that I spent money on was the shelving and that was under $20!

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