21st Birthday Basket

Some of you may know that my cousin turned 21 this past Friday. We were so excited, and then Covid came along and ruined our plans. So we adapted. But my favorite part was the gift that I put together for her, a 21st birthday basket.

I went to five below and bought a little basket that I could fill with a little 21 recovery kit. I got everything that she would need to party and then recover the next day. I filled her basket with fun cups, shot glasses, margarita mix, and some mini liquor bottles for her to try to figure out what she likes to drink. To recover the next day, I added some ibuprofen, mints, gum, face wipes, a cooling face mask, and a little ice pack for her head. I also managed to find a birthday crown and sash to include.

The basket was a hit and everyone loved it! This isn’t the first time that I have made a birthday basket, and they are always a big crowd pleaser!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite girls! Enjoy 21!


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