Turn that Frown Upside down! Or at least try…

Ever started your week feeling like you were punched in the face? Well that is how I actually started my week, with a punch to the face. One minute before the bell rang to leave homeroom two of my seventh grade boys decided to get into a fight over a football game from recess LAST YEAR! So yes, I got punched in the face and then pushed over because they were flailing around. Sadly, the  black eye and bruised knee seemed to pale in comparison because of my luck lately. I’m not sure what karmic gods I pissed off lately but life is literally hitting me while I am down.

I feel like lately I cannot catch a break (which is really not like me, I am usually a super positive person)! I’m not sure what bad juju I contracted, but it all started back in November. The week before Thanksgiving Break I found out that my uncle had kidney cancer. We would have never known if he didn’t go to the hospital for stomach pains. Luckily, the cancer was just in his kidney and with a simple surgery they took the kidney and likely all the cancer. 

At this point I thought, “Okay, life challenged me but we are good now.” Boy was I wrong. The week before Christmas break we got our first snow. Now, something you should know about me, I LOVE the snow! I was so excited, the school day ended and I was in the car to drive home. I was barely in the car for two minutes and I got into a car accident. There was a car coming down a hill on a side street, going faster than he probably should have been, and the guy couldn’t stop at the stop sign. So he ran into my car, coming out from behind a hill where I couldn’t even see him coming to try to stop or avoid getting hit. He smashed into my car and sent me across two lanes of traffic and into a woman’s front yard. When my car finally stopped all I could think was “you have got to be kidding me!” I was infuriated! I was yelling at the guy before I had even gotten out of the car! My car was undriveable, luckily I was only feeling sore in my back and shoulders. So after five thousand dollars in damages (to him, not me) and about a month later I finally got my car back. 

Now after all this, I figured really how could life get much worse?! Everything had settled down for a couple weeks, I was pushing through and hoping life was about to turn around. Well then I came to school on Monday and got punched in the face. Now I thought that was going to be the worst part of my week. Nope. Friday we found out that the wedding venue that we had booked about eight months ago filed for bankruptcy and got shut down, oh and they didn’t have our money to pay us back… there goes $3500! I thought my head was going to explode! The worst part, they didn’t even tell us; we found out through our photographer and our DJ. So the months that I spent last summer searching for venues were all wasted and I had to start the search all over again! Saturday we were taking our engagement pictures (and yes, I still had my black eye from getting punched on Monday). I was thinking, “Okay I need to recover from this week and get my head right so that our pictures will turn out nicely.” So I went to the gym and hopped on a treadmill. About five minutes into my workout I realized that I had just locked the key to my lock on the gym locker in the locker. Seriously… 

Luckily my fiance was able to bring me a spare key and our pictures turned out beautifully, but of course the bad luck continued. A few days later, I ran out to my car and locked myself out of the house! Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, however, my future father in law was having serious surgery on his neck, meaning my Fiance and his mom (the person with our spare key) were at the hospital about thirty minutes away. My fiance’s aunt had to drive to his parent’s house to get the spare key and then drive to our house to let me in. I was stuck outside for thirty minutes in the 30 degree weather. The funny part, our two dogs sat on the couch staring at me out the window the whole time.

Life is starting to get good again, I have my car back, my uncle is getting better, and we found a new wedding venue! Thank god! Throughout the whole unlucky spell I just kept thinking, “Life’s about to get really good!” I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and it seems like that actually works. Things are really starting to turn around… all I needed to do is turn my frown upside down and start thinking positively again.

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