Sweet, sweet memories continued…

So, continuing on looking back at my memories from teaching in Virginia, we pick up about a month into my brand new teaching job at an inner city school. This is one of my favorite stories and I know that it is a favorite for some of my friends and family as well. Something to note before you read on, a little background info for you, I get really lightheaded and have been known to pass out from not eating or drinking enough throughout the day. 

So I wasn’t feeling great when I woke up and was getting ready for school one day, however as a new teacher I didn’t have many days that I could take off. So I grabbed a granola bar and some juice and I went to school. The day started and I was feeling alright, but by second block I was struggling and starting to get lightheaded. This is when I decided to eat my granola bar. Something to note… students always want food. They don’t care what it is they are eating, they want it. So when I pulled out my granola bar they were immediately asking me for food. I told them that I didn’t have any food for them, and that I needed to eat the granola bar because I wasn’t feeling well. That is when it all started…

As soon as I said that I had to eat the bar because I wasn’t feeling well, a student blurted out, “It’s cause you’re pregnant, right?!” 

Two things ran through my head at this point. One, never wear this shirt again, and two, WHAT?!?!?!?! I immediately asked why she assumed I was pregnant and her response was that because I was lightheaded I must be pregnant. These kids needed some kind of biology class. 

After the initial shock and laughter died down we started to move on with class and one of my more outgoing students decided that she was going to name my non-existent unborn baby. She announced to the class that she clearly had the best name picked out. Now since this was my higher level class that were ahead of schedule in my plan for classwork, we took a few minutes to have some fun with this. So we humored her and asked what the name of the baby should be. She decided that I was definitely going to have a boy and that I should name my unborn, nonexistent child Jaquan Massack. I was at a loss for words. However, the other students had some opinions that were quickly shared. 

Probably the best exchange between the students started when one of the more outspoken boys in my class said, “You want her to name her white baby Jaquan?!?!” to which the other student replied, “Well how do you know it’s going to be white!?” Needless to say, my outspoken boy student gave us all a lesson in biology letting her know that if I was white and my boyfriend at the time (now my fiance) was white that we were going to have a white baby… 

I hate to say it, but after we had our short biology lesson, we continued on our tangent. I actually encouraged it at one point! I was so interested to know what my kids were thinking that as an Exit Ticket (just a short answer the kids give based on what we talked about that day to turn in) I had the students list what they would name my child if I had a boy and girl. I got some really interesting answers: Mercedes like the car, Bentley like the car (written exactly like that on the notecard), and pop tart. 

Taking that time out of instruction and work to do this and kind of hang out with my students was extremely beneficial! We bonded and had a really good laugh in the process. I also miraculously felt way better after this class. So maybe it is true that laughter is the best medicine.

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