New Baby Basket

Over the years I’ve had to go to my fair share of baby showers between friends and family. I love a good registry, but sometimes I get the itch to do something fun and different. Now I don’t mean different from the registry, but different just getting something off the registry and throwing it into a gift bag (although I have been known to do that too!).

The idea that has become my favorite is making baby baskets. I go to the store and get a bunch of baby essentials, pacifiers, bibs, onesies, socks, hats, etc. I also pick up a fun basket to stuff with all the baby goodies. I’ve done probably four or five baby baskets and they are now my go to.

On top of the baby essentials I also like to throw in some fun stuff too. I usually put a bottle of plain or pink champagne and some mom and dad champagne glasses for the new parents to celebrate. I also like to add a couple soft toys (usually elephants because they are my favorite), a baby book or two, and some fun extras like chocolate or candy.

In the most recent basket I made for a friend, I added homemade onesies for all the babies first holidays. Check them out below!

I also have a couple pictures of finished baby baskets from some friends and family. Assembling the baskets is pretty easy, once you have everything you want to put in the basket arrange it the way that you want. I usually put a small box or some crumpled newspaper in the bottom to sit everything up a little higher in the basket. Once everything is where you want it, get some basket filler from the dollar store and fill in the spaces between all the goodies.

This is a great idea with a little bit of everything for the new baby and parents, and it’s super easy to do!

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