Halloween Food!

In our house normally the month of October is used to prepare for our Halloween party. Every year we have people over (in costume of course) and celebrate my favorite holiday. However, we won’t be having our Halloween party this year. One of my favorite parts of the party every year is the Halloween themed food. I have a few dishes that I make every year that seem to be big crowd pleasers. Please note that I also make regular snacks that don’t have Halloween themes behind them (Sweedish meatballs and Buffalo Chicken Dip). 

The first fan favorite are the Mummy Dogs. They are pretty simple to make and are always delicious! These are a knockoff of pigs in a blanket, the only difference is that you wrap the mini hot dog differently. Instead of completely wrapping the mini hot dog with the crescent rolls, I wrap them up to look like little mummies. Serving these hot with some ketchup and mustard is super easy and they are always the first to go at the party. 

Another favorite is the throwing up pumpkin. Every year I get a tiny pumpkin and carve it, then set it up so that it looks like it is throwing up. The key is that the throw up is guacamole that I serve it with some chips and salsa. Super simple and super easy!

The last fan favorite that I serve at the party is dessert. I have two desserts that I usually make, the classic dirt dessert and some chocolate covered oreos that look like ghosts. The dirt is very simple, you follow any recipe for dirt, however I put all kinds of chewy candy in it (gummy worms, gummy bears, peach rings, candy corn, pumpkin candies, etc). I like adding in the extra candy because what is Halloween without some candy? The chocolate covered oreos are a little more time consuming. I cover the oreo with white melting chocolate and then take some black icing to draw on the eyes and mouth. These are always great sweets to end the night and usually the ghosts are treats that everyone takes home with them. 


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