Grill Cleaning Hacks

One of my favorite parts of summer is grilled food. I love using the grill to cook almost everything. Most days I cook our entire dinner on the grill (chicken or ground turkey, potatoes, and a veggie). I use our grill almost daily in the summer, so it takes a beating usually. The grill that we have now was inherited from my parents when they moved; we thought we could use this one until it dies and then get a new one. The problem with that plan was that it was coated with grease.

At the beginning of summer, I knew I would need to give the grill a good cleaning. Looking back now, I will probably give the grill a good cleaning twice a year (at the beginning of summer, and at the end of summer).

I scoured the internet looking for the best way to clean a grill without hurting it and came up with a few different ideas. The first one I tried was dawn dish soap and a scour pad. This worked to an extent, but it didn’t take off the really cooked on grease.

The second thing I tried was called Awesome cleaner. You can get this at the dollar store for one dollar. We use this on my parents boat to clean and love it, so I thought I’d give it a try. Just like the dawn dish soap, it took some of the grease off, but not the really caked on stuff.

Finally after a few hours I broke down and went to Ace Hardware to look for some kind of degreaser. I got two kinds, one was a kitchen degreaser, and the other was specifically made for grills. This finally did the trick and took off the really caked on grease.

The Awesome cleaner and dawn dish soap worked really well on the grill racks and on the outside of the grill to make it nice and shiny again. After spending three or four hours working on the grill, it finally looks good again and we have been using it like crazy since.

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