For Sale!

I’ve been blogging a lot since I started about the projects and gifts that I have made. I do a lot of projects and crafts, they are a great way that I combat anxiety and destress. I love crafting and being creative as often as possible, which is why I wanted to reach out to everyone reading to let you know that you can reach out to me to order any project or gift that I have made and talked about on this blog. Most of these projects can be changed or personalized to fit your liking. Below you can find a list of some projects and gifts that can be ordered if you reach out to me!

Customized Designs: I can customize and design shirts for all occasions. Business apparel, Sport team apparel, Senior Night or Parent Shirts, Wedding party gear, holiday and birthday gear, etc. If you have an idea or design in mind I can customize and make them.

I can also design other objects along the same lines such as throw pillows, pants, shoes, etc.

Wreaths: I can make wreaths of various sizes for holidays and door decor.

Cups, Mugs, Wine Glasses, Water Bottle:

Chalkboard/Decor Signs:

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Hi! I am a teacher, dogmom, future wife, and blogger. I spend most of my days teaching writing to seventh and eighth graders and then coming home to hang out with my lovable pups! You will get a little bit of everything on this page, but mostly just my diy/cricut projects, my teaching stories, and my life hacks for everything from a-z.

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