DIY Wedding Veil

Throughout our wedding planning process I have been looking for ways to save money where I can, which means that I am doing a lot of things myself. When I went to find a wedding dress the consultant wanted to give me the “full bridal look” which meant putting me in a veil.

At first I was really unsure if I even wanted a veil, but of course when I saw it on with the dress I was sold. However, I was not sold on the $200 price tag for something so simple. That is when the consultant suggested that I make my own veil since the look I wanted was plain tulle sewn into a hair comb.

So here I was again, scouring the internet (aka Pinterest) trying to figure out how I was going to make my own veil when all I had was the measurements and color for the tulle.

I hate to say it, but making the veil really was simpler than I was expecting. Step 1, buy the materials. I went to JoAnn fabrics to find the tulle and ordered the comb that sticks into my hair from Amazon. Once everything came in it only took me about 30 minutes to make my veil start to finish.

To start, I measured and cut the tulle according to the measurements from the bridal shop. After cutting the tulle, I took the tulle and bunched it into small sections that resembled pleats. As I was bunching, I was sewing the pleats together at the top (this is what brings the tulle together to be about the length of the hair comb).

When I finished sewing the pleats, I had to sew the tulle onto the hair comb. I ended up sewing it in between the teeth of the comb to attach it and it worked really well. Then it was done! That’s it, super easy and really beautiful!

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