DIY Updo

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a wedding. Two of our best friends got married in the cutest, little, backyard wedding. It was a beautiful day, topping off at about 95 degrees when the ceremony began. When looking at the forecast, I knew I would need to get my hair up and out of my face. That’s when I started experimenting with updos that I could do.

This looks complicated, but it was actually really easy! The first step after I showered was to put my hair into two dutch braids (or as I call them, inside out braids). After my hair was braided, all I did was cross the braids and tuck them into each other. Once I had them positioned the way I wanted, I pinned them in place with about 50 bobbi pins and it lasted all night! I got a ton of compliments and was able to stay cool all night!

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