DIY Patriotic Wreath

With Memorial Day coming up next weekend, I have gotten out the patriotic decorations that I keep out all summer. I put them out now and we have Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day covered (although I tend to add a little more flair for the Fourth of July since it is one of my favorite holidays). My favorite summer decoration is probably our bandana wreath that hangs on the front door. It is super simple to make and looks beautiful. 

Materials needed:

Wreath base (I use the styrofoam ones from Walmart when I make wreaths)


Red bandana fabric

Blue bandana fabric

Any other red/white/or blue fabric that you like. I found some checkered fabric that I thought would look nice. 

Hot glue gun


Step 1. Wrap your wreath base with burlap to cover the styrofoam. When you make it all the way around and there is no styrofoam showing, hot glue the edges down. 

Step 2. Cut up your fabrics. I did a mix of red bandana fabric, blue bandana fabric, the checkered fabric, and some burlap pieces. I cut them into 8 inch pieces, but it all depends on how much fabric you want hanging off of the wreath. 

Step 3. Take one strip of fabric, wrap it around the wreath base and tie it into a double knot. Continue knotting the fabric strips around the wreath, alternating the colors and different pieces of fabric. 

Step 4. When you have all of your strips of fabric on the wreath and the burlap base is covered, take one last strip to loop around the top of the wreath. To do this I glue one side of the strip down and then make a loop. After I have the loop the length that I want, I glue the other side down. 

Step 5. Fluff all the fabric strips. When you tie the strips on they all tend to go the same way. I like to fluff the fabric up and twist the knots to give it a messier look. 

Step 6. Hang it on your door and enjoy it all summer long!

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