DIY Halloween Decoration Sign

Looking for something a little extra for your Halloween decorations this year? Lucky for you I have a quick and cheap decoration that will look good in every house!

I got all of my supplies at the dollar store to make this project (I believe my total cost to make both of these was around $6). They had multiple wood cutouts of cute Halloween themed words, I narrowed it down and chose Boo! and Eek! I also decided to keep it simple so I only got black and orange paint. I also was able to find some Halloween ribbon for the bow on the top. 

The first thing I did was paint the wood cutouts. I did two or three coats on each to make sure the color covered all of the wood. 

After about 20 minutes of drying time, I went back and put the polka dots on. To do this I used the eraser of a pencil and just dipped it in the paint and dotted the signs. 

These I left to dry a little longer because I didn’t want to run the risk of smudging them or the dots drippings. Once they were definitely dry I made the bows out of the Halloween ribbon and hot glued them onto the top of the signs. 

Once the bows were on the project was done! I just had to figure out where to hang my new decorations! One sign ended up in my living room and the other ended up in my classroom. 

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