DIY Cordless Heating Pad

After spending most of my weekend attached to a heating pad due to a pulled muscle or pinched nerve in my neck, I realized maybe now would be a good time to share my heating pad hack. See, usually heating pads are annoying because you are only free to move as far as the cord will reach, however, I am able to move freely all over the house with my heating pad. Instead of using a traditional heating pad, I use my hot beans. It’s pretty simple, a piece of fabric sewn together filled with beans or rice. I was actually able to heat my neck while I cooked dinner for us last night. 

To make this heating pad you will need:

A square piece of fabric (a 12 x 12 inch square will work)

A bag of uncooked rice/or dried beans

A sewing machine or needle and thread

Step 1: Take the fabric square and fold it in half and pin the sides together. Make sure that if you have a patterned square you have the pattern facing each other on the inside (so pattern should be facing pattern). 

Step 2: Sew along your pins on one of the short sides and the long side (if you do not have a sewing machine you will have to sew by hand). 

Step 3: This is where it gets a little tricky. You will sew part way along the last side. The tricky part is judging how far you will sew. The key is that you will need to turn the fabric right side out, so make sure that when you sew the last side that you leave enough of an opening to push all the fabric through and get your heating pad pattern side out. 

Step 4: Flip the heating pad pattern side out and get ready to fill it.

Step 5: Pour the rice or beans into the fabric opening. Do not completely fill the bag or else you won’t be able to mold it to your body as well. I usually get a 2 pound bag of rice, this generally fills the bag about half way. 

Step 6: After you have your bag filled to your desire, you are going to sew the hole shut. You can do this two ways; you sew it shut by hand, or you can carefully use your sewing machine to close it up. I say carefully because it is a small amount of fabric and you want to get a close line at almost the edge of the fabric

TA-DA! You have your very own cordless heating pad! To heat it up, put it in the microwave at 2 minute intervals until it is at the heat that you would like. It usually stays hot for over 30 minutes and feels great!

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