DIY Chalkboard Signs

I am a pretty craft person, and I say this with the knowledge that my crafting supplies are starting to take over our home office. I like diy projects, especially ones that can be used to decorate my home. A chalkboard sign that can be repurposed every month or two would be great! Something that can be changed and updated to my liking was a fantastic idea! I first came across this idea when I was living in Virginia and was looking for something to do one weekend. I just had to figure out the best (and cheapest) way to do it.

After a trip to Walmart for some chalkboard paint, and to Goodwill to find some canvas, I was well on my way. All in all the project was super simple, I ended up getting two canvas paintings from Goodwill and then painted them with the chalkboard paint. After the paint was dry, I was good to go!

I have used these chalkboard signs for tons of stuff! They have been used for Homecoming dance decorations, Graduation party decorations, holiday decorations, birthday signs, and simple home decor for me. Right now we have this summer sign hanging in our living room, and the best part? When Fourth of July rolls around, I’ll take it off the wall and redo it with something festive!

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