DIY Broken CD Mosaic Table

While being stuck inside, I am looking for easy diy crafts to do to keep busy that will still look nice in the house. I actually came across this project a couple years ago when I was living in Virginia and used it to update an old bookcase into something new and cool. The best part was that I didn’t need to go to the store to do the project, I used everything that I had on hand. The project turned out great! So great in fact, that my mom actually did the same thing to one of her tables! 

For the project, you will need a bunch of old CDs or DVDs that you don’t use anymore, an old bookcase or table that you want to spruce up, some paint (optional), and glue. 

Step 1: Painting the piece of furniture (if you choose to). My bookcase was painted lime green to match my bedroom many years ago. The lime green didn’t really work for me anymore so I decided to paint the bookcase black. However, my mom’s table didn’t need any paint since it already matched the living room. 

Step 2: Break up the CDs and DVDs. To make the mosaic looking table, you will need to break and cut up the CDs and DVDs into tiny pieces. The shapes you cut them in don’t matter, you will be piecing the broken pieces together in an imperfect way so the size and shape of the pieces don’t matter.

Step 3: Start piecing together the table. Arrange the small pieces of disk together with some space in between (see the pictures for reference). 

Step 4: Once you have all the pieces laid out the way you want them, glue them in place with a glue gun or crafting glue. 

Ta-da now you have a beautiful mosaic table! If you would like to finish it off with some grout to fill in the gaps, that is completely up to you. I did not, however my mom did on her table and it looks just as beautiful as mine. 

After a few years, I am thinking about adding some grout now to spruce up the top of the table again. It is an easy project that can turn an old or outdated piece of furniture into something beautiful again. 

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