DIY Bathroom Redo

Last April, my fiance and I moved into our first house. We were so excited to find a great house that was turn key! We didn’t have to do anything before we moved in other than clean and wipe everything down. Lucky us! The nice part about this was that we could decide what projects we wanted to do when we wanted (and could afford) to do them. 

Other than small projects around the house we pretty much left everything the same. We knew that the first major project we would have to do would be our upstairs bathroom. So I started thinking of what I could do to the tiny bathroom (really, it’s like a 3 X 5 room that has a vanity, toilet, and standing shower in it!)to make it usable. 

When we moved in, the bathroom was painted a dark navy blue color with gold fixtures and a gold standing shower. It was very 90s! We actually think that at one point the tiny bathroom was actually a closet that the previous owner turned into a bathroom. The problem is, the tiny bathroom has no windows and no real light coming in. So it was a lot like a cave when we first started, and the people we bought the house from were not super handy or neat when it came to home projects. There was blue paint all over everything! The vanity sink, the toilet, the standing shower all had that dark navy blue paint splattered on them. 

First things first, I had to paint the walls something lighter to make the room feel a little bigger. We chose a color from Walmart called “Touch of Gray” that really opened up the space. After painting the walls I figured I had to do something about the gold 90s shower. I scoured the internet looking for solutions to get rid of the gaudy gold color and luckily I found some trust spray paint designed to cover metals in bathrooms. I chose a nice silver color.

The shower was probably the most time consuming part of the project. The hardest party was taping off and covering everything since I was using spray paint in a 3×5 room. I decided to cut and use garbage bags to cover everything. I felt like the real life version of Walter White from Breaking Bad. I covered the walls, shower, toilet, sink, floor, and me! I had a face mask, a garbage bag dress, a hat, and some old sunglasses to keep myself from getting sprayed and I still ended up a lovely silver color. Once everything was covered I just sprayed all the gold metal and when it dried I had a silver standing shower. 

Once all the painting was done and everything was uncovered again, I spent about an hour and a half scraping the leftover splattered blue paint off of the sink, toilet, and shower. I can happily report that there is now no trace of the dark navy blue paint that turned the bathroom into a cave. 

All I had left to do now was decorate. I got everything at Walmart or on Amazon. I ended up ordering a new hand towel hook, toilet paper holder, and all of my towels from Walmart, and I got a storage shelving unit from Amazon to hold all of the towels. I added some personal touches to really round out the space (a clock, some candles, a picture frame, etc.), and the project was done! All in all the project took a grand total of four days! That’s it, including drying time which is what set me back the most!

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