DIY Angel and DIY Devil Costume

Last Halloween I was an angel and one of my best friends was a devil, and I made both of our costumes. Pretty easy… two tutus, some cut up t-shirts, and some Halloween make-up.

Making the tutus was actually really easy, I went to Walmart and got spools of red and white ribbon and tulle in red, red sparkles, white, and white sparkles. Measuring out how big the tutu was going to be ws also simple, we each took the ribbon and measured it around our waist with about five extra inches on each side for a bow to tie it together. We cut off the extra ribbon and then tried to figure out how long we would need the tutus to be to cover everything we needed to cover. We settled on 13.5 inches but they fit differently on both of us. The 13.5 inches was a little shorter on my friend because she is a couple inches taller than me, however this worked out because she wore it lower on her waist than I did. The length is completely up to you, you can make it longer or shorter depending on what look you are going for. 

To cut the toole, I measured out a 27” strip and then cut the entire spool of tulle into strips. Because you will be folding the strip in two to tie it onto the ribbon, you need to multiply the 13.5 by 2 to get 27”. Again, the length is completely up to you, but however long you want the skirt to be, you will need to multiply that length by two. 

When you have all of your strips and your ribbon cut to the length that you prefer, you will start to assemble the tutu. Take a strip of tulle, fold it in half, and tie it to the ribbon with a slip knot. After you do a couple, make sure that you squish them together so that you have good coverage all the way around. Follow this process until you run out of tulle strips. After I went all the way around with the plain colored tulle, I tied the sparkly tulle throughout the tutu but separating the knots and adding a sparkly one in between. This gave the tutus a nice shine and was a little extra, but it is totally unnecessary. I am just so extra that I wanted that added sparkle!

Once you have the tutu completely assembled, tie it around your waist and spread the knots around a little to space out how the tulle is falling. After you have it spaced the way you want to, fluff up the tulle to puff out the tutu. 

The shirts were also super simple, we took the red shirt and cut it into an off the shoulder shirt and trimmed the bottom to shorten it. My white shirt was a little more complicated, I cut out a triangle from the front and made the back a deep V. I also cut the sleeves off of mine. 

All the extras, my angel wings and halo, and her devil trident and horns were all ordered from amazon. We also got creative with our make-up using red and white eye-liner and sparkly eye shadow. 

Ta-da! An angel and a devil made for less than $20 each!

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