Decorating for Halloween at Home

As I have said multiple times, I LOVE the holidays! One of my favorite things to do is decorate my house (and my classroom). At this point, I consider myself something of a Halloween decorating pro. I have been collecting all of my decorations for years, and some of them I have had since I was in college! Most of my decorations were found at the Dollar Store or at the after Halloween sales. My favorites are Walmart and Michael’s craft store to get some great decorations on sale. I also like to hit up the Target Dollar Spot. I try not to spend too much on decorations which is why I like to wait until they are on sale. Michael’s doesn’t even wait for after the holidays to mark down their decorations. 

Some of my decorations are also homemade as well. I already talked about my Boo! and EEK! signs, and the Halloween wreaths that I made for me and my mom that I made from Dollar Store materials. I also ended up making a centerpiece for my coffee table with an old flower vase and some sparkly pumpkins from the Dollar Store to spruce up the living room. 

I try to have some touch of Halloween in every room on the first floor where we spend the most time. In the living room I love setting out my pumpkins, spooky trees, and Halloween signs on all the tables and entertainment center. This year I also incorporated some battery powered lights to really stand out. I also like to put out some of my Halloween pillows on the couch and chair. This year I went a little crazy and found some bat cutouts that I have hanging on the wall; some look like they are flying out of our vents and some are leading up the stairs. I also got some skeleton garland to hang off of our curtains. 

In the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen I try to keep it pretty simple. I have some orange skeletons hanging on our bedroom and basement doors which I love because you can pose them (this one is doing the Michael Jackson pose). I also put some of our Halloween pillows on our bed to add a little holiday spirit to our room. In the bathroom I have a candle, small sign, and little ghost statue on the back of the toilet, and in the kitchen I have some stickies on the back door and a sign hanging in the window. 

Our dining room (like the living room) has a lot in it as well. I like to put my large sign and broom on the bar along with some fake pumpkins and a witch’s hat. The table has some fall placemats along with some pumpkins around a big bowl of candy (after all, it’s not Halloween without candy)! I also have some signs hanging on the wall and on top of the china closet with more sparkly pumpkins. To top off the china closet I have our glow in the dark skeleton hanging from the handle. 

Halloween decorations don’t have to be much and are actually really easy to find for a low cost… which is probably why I have so many!

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