Cell phones, Apple watches, and Chromebooks! Oh My!

As a teacher, one of the hardest things that I have to deal with on a daily basis is the fight against technology. Our school policy is that when the students get to school their electronics (phones, apple watches, and headphones) are turned off before they enter the building, and get turned into their homeroom teacher or are put in their lockers. Here we are at progress reports of the third quarter, and out of my fifteen homeroom students, not one has turned a phone in to me, and I’m pretty sure the same number are putting the phones in their lockers.

No matter how much we don’t want the kids to be attached to their technology, they are! And we aren’t helping! In my school, we are considered 1 to 1 in seventh and eighth grade which means that every student is provided with a chromebook to use for school. Anymore I feel like I am living in a 1 to 1 world, everyone has a cell phone attached to them. We live in a world where tiktok, snapchat, and memes take over people’s lives daily. On a daily basis I am confiscating at least one student phone and most of the time it is because students are trying to make a tik tok or trying to send a snap. What happened to the simple life?

When I was growing up, we had cell phones. They were nothing close to what they are now, I started with a little red flip phone that was the first model that played music. Pretty cool, but social media wasn’t a thing, I could never afford to have the internet on my phone to go online. It was a much simpler time, teachers weren’t fighting against technology on a daily basis, they weren’t exhausted from arguing with a student to surrender their cell phones. When there was extra class time, we read books or did work for other classes. Kids these days don’t know how to occupy themselves without their phones. When I suggest reading a book, I get looks like I have four heads.

Technology is a great tool in the classroom, and I definitely use it on a daily basis, but something’s gotta give!

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