BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

Continuing with my healthy recipe series I have another house favorite. We make this either every week or every other week we like it so much. It is a quick and easy recipe that doesn’t take too many ingredients or much time. 


Chicken breast cooked/shredded

1 avocado diced (optional)

6” tortillas

½ cup bbq sauce

1 cup mozzarella cheese


Step 1: Boil and shred chicken breast.

Step 2: Combine chicken and BBQ sauce.

Step 3: Assemble the quesadillas. Lay out a tortilla and cover half with mozzarella cheese. Top that with the bbq chicken mixture and avocado (again this is optional if you want avocado). Then finish it off with another layer of mazzarella and close the tortilla. Put it on the skillet. 

Step 4: Cook on both sides of the tortilla until it is browned (3-4 minutes).

Step 5: Serve with rice and enjoy!

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