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A couple months ago I found out that my friend from Virginia was pregnant with her first baby. A few months later, we found out it is a little girl and I am so excited and can’t wait for her to grace us with her presence! When I planned a trip to go visit my friend in Virginia I didn’t want to show up empty handed. I knew her shower was coming up, but I still wanted to do something small to congratulate my friend and her husband (and to help decorate the new baby’s room). I wanted something quick and easy that would still look nice and landed on a small sign with the baby’s name on it for the nursery.

This was a super easy project that would be great as a baby or wedding shower gift for anyone! So I figured I would share what I did and how it turned out in case anyone else wanted to give it a try.

Making the sign was very similar to the sign I made a few weeks ago for our house. I got the wooden sign from Walmart and some stain (I chose a light brown wood stain).

After sanding the wood sign down a little bit to get rid of any splinters or loose wood, I applied three or four layers of stain. I waited about an hour in between each coat of stain to see how it looked dry.

Once I ended up with a nice brown color that I liked, I let the sign sit for 24 hours so that the stain could really soak in and dry. Also pictured below is the stain that I used.

The next day, I took some chalkboard markers (that I got for $7 on sale at Marshall’s) and wrote her name on the board. When the silver her name was written in dried, I went back in and added some rose gold polka dots to it.

After another 24 hours of drying time to make sure everything was really set, I covered it in a clear coat that I also picked up at Walmart just to make sure that it would stay and that the lettering wouldn’t fade or scratch off.

I have to say I was thrilled with the way it turned out and am so happy that I was able to give my friend something to celebrate this exciting time!

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