5 Ways to get your patio ready for spring

If you are anything like me, you enjoy spending the spring and summer months outside. I like to sit outside to read, scroll through social media, have my morning tea or evening wine, or to just take a break from everything. According to my fiance, last summer our backyard was okay, this summer it is going to be great. This means that over the next couple of weeks (while on quarantine) I need to put in some diy work to get our back patio looking great. Now what can I do to get the patio and yard spring and summer ready?!

  1. Bring in some new herbs and plants

Take care of your greenery. Plant some new grass to fill in any patches that didn’t survive the winter. Start an herb garden, plant some flowers or shrubs to brighten up the space with some color! 

  1. Spruce up your patio furniture

Whether you are starting fresh or just updating what you already have, take some time to get your furniture looking fresh. You can find great tutorials on how to make your own patio furniture from pallets, or even just giving your existing furniture a fresh coat of paint will go a long way to make your space more enjoyable! 

  1. Add some color

Get some new cushions, blankets, or rugs for outside that give a little pop of color to your space. Some bright colored flowers or a nice patterned cushion for your furniture can brighten things up. 

  1. Hang some mood lighting

Twinkle lights, bubble lights, fairy lights, rope lights… you pick! Any of these are great for adding a little extra mood lighting for your patio once it gets dark outside. Different types of lighting also can give a space some added character. 

  1. Accessorize the space

Bring in some of your character to your space. Accessorize! Fun pillows, lanterns, candles, or knick knacks will decorate the space and make it seem more homey while you are spending time outside.

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